Have you had a letter or leaflet through your door recently offering carpet cleaning at prices that look almost too good to be true?

Most households have at one time or another but recently the BBC’s Watchdog programme featured a warning about a scam,  known as ‘Bait and Switch’, operated by some unethical cleaning companies.

Here’s how it works:

You get the leaflet through the door with amazing prices, perhaps just a few pounds per room. It’s an offer not to be missed so you arrange to have your carpets cleaned. After all you’ve been probably been thinking about it for while but there’s always something more pressing.

Once the cleaner arrives everything changes you’re told that sofa needs moving – that’ll be extra. A spot or stain has to be dealt with – that’s extra too. The carpet is dirtier than expected – and that. The room is bigger than expected – you guessed it – £££!

By the time the job is done (usually pretty badly) your £8.99 per room carpet clean has cost you £150. Most people pay up just to get rid of the cleaner.

It’s intimidating and underhand and we at Heritage cleaning hate this kind of strategy. We actually think it’s a little absurd – after all you’re just having your carpets cleaned.

We are fully qualified, ethical professionals offering a great service at a sensible, affordable price with NO HIDDEN CHARGES WHATSOEVER.

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