It’s a familiar sight these days. At the local hardware store, electrical shop or supermarket you can rent a small carpet cleaning machine for as little as £20 for 24 hours, plus the cost of the chemicals of course.

And very tempting it sounds too. After all, who wouldn’t want all their carpets clean and why pay someone else to do it? After all it’s not rocket science is it?

Naturally the literature that accompanies these machines make it clear how easy carpet cleaning is and how fantastic the machines are. In fact they’re so good surely all the professional carpet cleaners are using them too?

Are we? Um…. in a word, no.

The truth is that these machines are cheap and perform poorly. They certainly get your carpet wet but they simply don’t have the power necessary get the dirt and grime off the carpet or enough vacuum power to then remove the dirt, water and cleaning chemicals.

A professional carpet cleaner will have spent many thousands of pounds on the right equipment and training to do a thorough, professional job.

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