Maybe the carpet stain feared by most is red wine. Most people believe these stains are always permanent. A reminder of a good night in!

However, it’s what you do and when which will determine how much, if any of the stain remains. The important thing is to act immediately. Don’t leave it until later when guests have gone or because you’re comfortable.

Get a roll of kitchen paper and start to blot the liquid. DON’T rub, just use firm pressure and blot. And keep going – use a whole roll of paper if you have to. The more liquid you soak up and the faster you do it the less potential for a stain to form.

When you’ve blotted out all the liquid you can you’re going to need a superhero. We might not put our pants on over our trousers but we’re just who you need. Give us a call now and we’ll fly round to help you out!