If you’re looking for carpet cleaners in Swindon there are quite a few of us to choose from! At Heritage Cleaning we don’t waste time bashing the competition, in fact there are some other carpet cleaners we would be the first to recommend.

Who you choose to clean your carpets may depend on a number of factors, but one question it may be worth asking is whether they are a member of any trade association within the industry.

There is always peace of mind when using someone backed by a trade association. These bodies usually require their members to sign up to a code of practice, to have minimum insurance requirements and to be accountable.

Heritage Cleaning are members of TACCA – The Approved Carpet Cleaners Association. We are proud to be so. To become members we have had to acquire certified training, insurance and have equipment meeting a certain specification.

When you book us you can be assured of truly professional carpet cleaning, so why not contact us for a free quotation.