At Heritage Cleaning we encounter many different types of carpet in both homes and offices. To give the best quality clean possible to the customer it’s essential to choose the right cleaning method for the job.

For domestic carpet cleaning, the most commonly employed method is that of Hot Water Extraction cleaning. This is sometimes also known as ‘Steam Cleaning’. With this method, hot water and cleaning solution are injected under pressure into the carpet and then almost instantly vacuumed back out, leaving the carpet clean and slightly damp. This method of carpet cleaning is widely regarded as the most thorough and the one which will leave your carpet the most hygienically clean – important in a domestic setting. It is also the method which tends to work better with ‘home’ type carpets.

In the office environment things can be quite different. Office carpets are most often very low profile – usually carpet tiles. Although these can be cleaned using hot water extraction, other methods such as Encapsulation Cleaning may be more appropriate. With this method of cleaning a solution is sprayed down onto the carpet and is then worked upon with a rotary cleaning machine. The dirt in the carpet is crystallised by the cleaning solution. When the carpet is dry (typically 30 – 60 minutes later) these crystals can be removed by vacuuming leaving a clean office carpet.

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