OK, so we are biased! If we said ‘try it yourself’ we’d be out of business, but as we clean carpets in and around the Swindon area we tend to come across the same types of DIY removal problems.

We can’t name it, but you know the stuff we are talking about and it’s the first thing most people rach for when there is a carpet stain to deal with. A good example is a carpet clean we did this week in Royal Wootton Basset – a lady has spilled cosmetics on her cream carpet and had immediately started scrubbing in the ‘acive oxygen power foam’ or whatever it’s called this week. The result – the stains were still there but were now surrounded by white rings where the carpet had been bleached!

Why would a professional do it differently?

1. Not all stains are the same
Some are water based, some oil based, some are protien stains. Then there are tea & coffe and red wine stains, ink, soot and so on.

2. If one stain remover like the supermarket ones worked on all the above then we’d only carry one with us!
But we don’t. Heritage carry about a dozen different stain removers, all designed for a specific task.

3. Never put something into a carpet that you dont intend to remove!
Unlike supermarket bought products, once we have treated a stain we will thoroughly flush through the stain and extract the chemicals we have applied.

If you’re in the Swindon area and have a carpet stain or a carpet that needs cleaning then why not contact us for some expert advice and a free quote.